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I’m healthy today because of them!
I’m Happy I Went! When I began using I was so very young, but it didn’t feel weird or dysfunctional since everybody I knew, even my family, and my friends used something. I wanted to be happy and be part of a group, so I would shoot up and drink every time I could, thought it always made me feel even unhappier and lonelier than before. Even after I tried to get myself healthy it never worked. Finally I went to Drug Rehab Washington DC, and in no time I could just tell the people sincerely cared for me, and they'd be able to lend me hand. I’m healthy today because of them!
, Washinton DC Jan 21, 2012

Awesome Facilities!
Awesome Facilities! A couple other rehab treatment centers couldn’t get me sober, but Drug Rehab Washington DC was totally effective. They truly readied me for a life of recovery.
, Washinton DC Feb 10, 2011

They returned to me my family!
They returned to me my family! I can’t think about how painful my life would seem without rehab. I am not only healthy, but I've got my amazing children and husband back in my life!
, Washinton DC Apr 13, 2011

Experienced and Expert Therapists!
Experienced and Expert Therapists! Before I sought treatment, I didn't ever believe I had a problem, or I believed other people had the problem. Then I was hospitalized with a blood infection, and I began to think about things a bit differently. I went into Drug Rehab Washington DC ready to run away, but I’m so happy that I didn’t. However, I truly reacted positively to their kindly and empathetic employees, the fantastic facilities, and their designed treatment programs. Thanks to the effort and willingness of their staff, and the individualized treatment plan they created for me, I'm confident in my continuing recovery.
, Washinton DC Oct 7, 2011

Great Staff and Services!
Great Staff and Services! When I look back on all the poor mistakes I've made, I truly feel remorseful about how much drugs and alcohol controlled my choices. However, I don’t feel grief about a single day that I spent at Drug Rehab Washington DC. I know I will be able to maintain a successful lifestyle of recovery thanks to them.
, Washinton DC Jul 25, 2011

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